The FIAD Fund supports the development of evidence answering our framing question: What is the influence of faith communities on democracy and civic life? Specifically, our grants support empirical* data, narratives, and/or case studies showcasing how faith inspired leaders and organizations foster civic engagement, pluralism, and bridge building in their communities. This evidence is intended to help PACE make the case to funders that the intersection of faith and democracy is a critical and valuable philanthropic investment.

* By “empirical” we mean evidence that is based on, concerned with, or verifiable by data and/or direct experience that is measurable in some way (rather than based on theory, assumption, emotion, or pure logic).


The size of the FIAD Fund is $175,000. Applications will be accepted from practitioner members of the Learning Community only, but Learning Community members may collaborate with and engage non-LC members on a project (and share/pass-through funds to partner organizations accordingly).

Grants from the FIAD Fund are intended to support:

  • new work or hypotheses that Learning Community members wish to test but haven’t yet had the resources or capacity to do so, and/or
  • new analysis or documentation of Learning Community members’ current or past work that could be expanded, analyzed, or considered in a new context with the resources to do so

PACE will incorporate participatory grantmaking principles into the operation of the fund, as we believe the people who know what evidence is possible and needed are the leaders and funders engaged in the FIAD Learning Community.

We encourage applicants to ask for what they need, yet our expectation is to fund lower-range grants for individual organizations or simple projects and higher-range grants for collaborations or more complex experiments. A general guide we suggest applicants consider:

  • $2,500 - $5,000 for documentation projects
  • $5,000 - $25,000 for continuing and new work by individual organizations
  • $10,000 – $50,000 for collaborations between multiple organizations


Please note: A scoping call with PACE staff is required before submitting your application. Sign up here for your 30-minute consultation.


  • Nov 18-23: Scoping calls to review applications in process
  • Dec 1:  Grant proposals due


  • Jan 3-21: Jury selection process takes place
  • Week of Jan 24: Grant decisions announced
  • Feb 1:  Project window begins
  • Mar and May: Project check-ins
  • July 31:  Project window end date
  • Aug TBA: Learning Lab (portion devoted to presentation of FIAD Fund results)